Species Name: Centaur, Kéntauroi

In Greek mythology the Centaurs (Kéntauroi) were a composite race of creatures, part human and part horse. Centaurs were said to have inhabited the region of Magnesia and Mount Pelion in Thessaly, the Foloi oak forest in Elis, and the Malean peninsula in southern Laconia.
Centaurs continued to figure in literary forms of Roman mythology. A pair of them draw the chariot of Constantine the Great and his family in the Great Cameo of Constantine. The Centaurs are best known for their fight with the Lapiths caused by their attempt to carry off Hippodamia and the rest of the Lapith women, on the day of her marriage to Pirithous, king of the Lapithae. Theseus a hero and founder of cities who happened to be present threw the balance in favour of the right order of things and assisted Pirithous. The Centaurs were driven off or destroyed. Another Lapith hero Caeneus who was invulnerable to weapons, was beaten into the earth by Centaurs wielding rocks and the branches of trees. The Lapith tribe of Thessaly, who were the kinsmen of the Centaurs in myth were described as the inventors of horse-back riding by Greek writers. The Thessalian tribes also claimed their horse breeds were descended from the Centaurs.

Type: Humanoid Equine

Physical Traits: Equine body and 4 legs. From the torso up, their bodies are those of particularly brawny Elves; from the waist down they are Unicorn. Their lower bodies come in all the colours standard to horses - roan, black, white, grey, palomino, etc. The skin of their upper bodies is usually tan and their hair colour matches the colour of their lower body hair. Females are smaller than males. Male Centaurs have a mane of hair that begins on their head and continues down their spine. Centaurs can and do sit, by folding their legs underneath them. 

Height: 6'6 - 7'6 feet

Weight: 1300lbs

Abilities: Nightvision up to 30 metres

Mobility: Legs

Sensory Organs: Visual

Communication: Vocal

Reproduction: Sexual

INT: 3D6, WIS: 3D6, STR: 3D6, DEX: 3D6, CON: 3D6, CHA: 3D6, MR: 20 +2D6, HPs: CON +D12.

Orbit/Climate: See Earth

Feeding Habits: Omnivore

Lifespan: 400 years

Technology: 2

Culture: Diversified mix of kind and evil people. Centaurs always work in groups and always have a Leader. A Tribe may have several hundred Centaurs. A Flank Herd is usually made of four or five males. War Parties have up to thirty. Gathering Herds of females have their own Hierarchy, with the eldest wife of the highest ranking Herd member in charge. 

Centaurs have a high regard for honour, and a centaur's word is inviolate. They are independent in nature and have perfectly developed powers of observation. They are the humans' most important allies and most commonly found in Archaea, Epirus, Macedonia and Thrace.

Government: Council

Population: 510,000


Creating a Centaur character

Step 1: Age
Determine your character's age. If older than 100 you need to determine which years you have been present in.
01-20 100 xD10 years
21-40 100 x2D10 years
41-60 100 x4D10 years
61-75 100 x6D10 years
76-90 100 x8D10 years
91-00 100 x10D10 years
Next decide what you have been doing. Were you involved in any famous historical incidents? In the present day where does your character live or is he a wanderer, moving around continuously?
Step 2: Attributes
Roll attributes as normal but MR is 20 +2D6. Mana = INT + WIS x3. Mana is recovered at a rate of 10 per hour if remain active (but not using magic) and 20 per hour if asleep. Mana can however be permanently traded for HPs at a rate of 1 for 1. Hit points = CON +12, +12 per level.
Step 3: Skills

Choose skills in the normal manner according to the character's class. Then for every 100 years alive select 1 additional skill.

Step 4: Abilities

All Centaurs gain all the following free;

Night Vision - The character can see in absolute darkness at a distance of up to 30 metres.

Additionally Centaurs start with 35 Points to spend on any of the following abilities. As they earns more experience they may buy or rebuy more abilities.

Ability Cost Notes
Animal Empathy 5 Centaurs can establish telepathic communication with any normal or giant equine animal within line of sight if he does nothing else in the round. The animal must have a minimum INT of 1. This has the following benefits:
He can communicate to the creature that he desires its friendship. If the offer is sincere (and the animal will be able to sense if it isn't), the creature can be calmed and will not attack or flee unless it is attacked.

Further he can then recruit this animal as an ally. Once he does so he permanently psionically links with the animal turning it into a familiar. At any point he may see through the familiar's eyes, smell through its nose, hear with its ears, taste with its mouth or link with any of its other senses (including supernatural ones). The two are always in constant telepathic contact.

Increased Thac0 5 +1 Thac0 with ranged weapons at levels 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17 and 19.
Intimidating 10 This character has greater presence, +1 CHA.
Natural Mana 10 +10 Mana at levels 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20.
Natural Chameleon 5 Using this ability the Centaur can blend into and render himself nearly invisible in wooded areas, fields of tall grass, clumps of bushes, or any other wilderness area with dark or shaded terrain. When hiding he can conceal himself from attackers and eavesdrop on his enemies. He can hide near a well travelled road and secretly observe passersby, or conceal himself near an enemy campsite waiting for an opportune moment to steal their supplies. 

He may also move with a minimum of sound, almost as if he's walking on air. Even creatures with the sharpest ears are no more likely to detect his presence than they are to hear a feather drop. The ability works equally well in icy mountains, heavily wooded forests, or any other type of wilderness terrain. This goes well beyond the stealth skill raising it to a supernatural level and preventing any non magical detection.

Nature Heal 5 A Centaur may select a particular type of terrain as his specialty area for healing. Whenever in this terrain the Centaur can heal at phenomenal rates. He must concentrate for 1 minute uninterrupted to perform the following healing; restore 1 HP per INT, +1 per level per 10 minutes; reduce the damage and duration of drugs, toxins and poisons by 4% per INT, +1% per level and gives +1 to save per 4 INT; negate all pain for 1 minute per INT, +1 minute per level; or stabilize his condition (stops bleeding, binds wounds, etc.) for 15 minutes per level.

He may choose an additional terrain at level 5. Terrain types include; Jungle, Desert, Tundra, Mountain, Forest or Ocean. Each time this ability is rebought the Centaur may choose a new terrain.

Nature Survival 5 Due to an Centaur's extensive experience and training in jungles and forests they gain +1 to any physical, combat and survival rolls made while within that environment. He may choose an additional terrain at level 5. Terrain types include; Jungle, Desert, Tundra, Mountain, Forest or Ocean. Each time this ability is rebought he may either take an additional +1 with their terrain OR choose a new terrain.
Smell 10 Smell increases to x1 normal range per 3 WIS with an additional x1 per level. It can only be used for smelling poison or impurities in food and beverage.
Willpower Bonus 10 +1 Willpower save at levels 1, 4, 8, 12, 14, 16 and 20.
Witch Sight 5 The Centaur can see the true image of any person or object regardless of any form of concealment, disguise, illusion or invisibility. This also includes the ability to detect whether it is magical, and whether it is harmful or helpful.
Step 5: Classes



Heroes Earth
In the Heroes world the Ljósálfar during their dark period experimented on human prisoners leading to creation of Centaurs, Pegataurs, Satyrs and Minotaurs. The Centaurs are last seen in 262 AD.

Post Holocaust Era:

The Centaur are rumoured to have joined the Elven families in escaping to the other dimensional Florascape.